Coolermaster Storm SPAWN Gaming Mouse

Generally considered a dedicated five button claw mouse, the Coolermaster Storm Spawn is available in shiny red (goes faster) with padded, textured rubberised sides. All buttons and wheel are also rubberised with a much tackier than normal feel. Switches are Omron and rated to 5 bazillion clicks.

Because the CM Spawn is setup as a claw mouse it features a right hand ridge for what is assumed to be ring-finger placement. The Spawns m1/m2 are rubberised along with its lightly ridged wheel with clicky rotation action. Two thumb buttons and DPI up/down round out the input options.

Driven by the Avago ADNS-3090 sensor decent performance can almost be assumed. Lacking flashy LED lighting that other brands prefer, the CM Spawn has old style red led underside. Mouse pad connection is provided by two large skates at the front and rear.

The Spawn caps out around 2m/s and is tied to the counts/second. Maxing at around 128,000 per second this limits perfect control. At lower DPI a higher perfect control speed is obtainable due to the virtue of lower DPI. At 3500DPI perfect control is a little over 1m/s. Malfunction speed is over 3m/s regardless of DPI.

CM Storm Spawn Sensor
Coolermaster spawn malfucntion

Coolermaster spawn top
Coolermaster spawn side
Coolermaster spawn front
Coolermaster spawn back

Championship gaming level with every move and click with the CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse! Claw to your Top Game.

In the battlefield of online gaming where each and every precise moves and mouse clicks determines the winner, arm yourself with the best weapon of choice and spawn your moves into championship level gaming with the Cooler Master Storm Spawn Gaming mouse. Expertly designed and crafted for claw grip gamers, it is ultra-responsive to your every move, ensuring you can push yourself to your best gaming performance with its lightweight feel and solid ergonomic design.

Precision is the key to winning, and the Spawn gaming mouse offers a top performance 3500 DPI sensor, with a precise and accurate scroll wheel, and the world class extremely durable Omron micro switches that can endure 5 million clicks, from practice all the way to game time. Explore and experience your best gaming potential with the CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse in your hand, and claw your way to becoming a Champion!

Features of the CM Storm SPAWN Gaming Mouse

Onboard sentinel-X 32 KB. Preparation is part of a gamer’s arsenal, and the onboard SENTINEL-X 32 KB microprocessor has your back by allowing you to choose, tune up, personalize, and save your button assignments, macro key functions, and other personalized mouse settings customization for any video game. This allows you to plug your CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse into any gaming console with the all your personalized settings set up and ready.

Omron micro switches. Clicks, clicks, and more clicks, be it for gaming practice sessions and all the way to the big game is possible with the Japanese high standard OMRON Micro switches with guaranteed 5 million clicks ensures you can click your way to victory!

Ultra step wheel encoder. Establish great control and precision while you navigate small distances with the scroll wheel is possible with the ultra-precise stepping encoder of the CM Storm SPAWN.

Anti-slip grip design. Ensures your grip is on the mouse and your all your moves is in your top gaming performance with two rubber grips on both sides that is slip resistant and sweat proof, giving lift-off style video gamers full control during game play!

On-the-fly DPI settings. Setting mouse sensitivity for more precise moves is as easy as a click with the on the fly DPI setting selector placed just below the mouse wheel, allowing you ease and convenience of changing DPI setting from 800, 1800, and 3500 DPI.

Anti-drift control sensor. Extreme stability is yours with its high performance optical engine, even in extreme gaming moments, let you have the precision for winning games. Get lossless performance under mouse lift and drop with its anti-draft architecture, and you can formulate game winning flick shot and maximize your kill rate with the built in Angle Snapping Option.

CM Storm SPAWN Gaming Mouse: Champion Approved

The Cooler Master Storm SPAWN is designed to perform, and have been tested and reviewed by gaming experts and aficionados, and it has delivered, as proven by its partnership with South Korean Pro Gamer for CM Storm, Choi “Polt” Seong Hun. The STARTCRAFT 2 Triple Crown Champion credits the Cooler Master Storm SPAWN gaming mouse for his victories, from practice and to this triple championship wins.

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