Logitech G100s Gaming Mouse

The G100s has a similar shape to the MX300, one of the first popular ambidextrous Logitech mice – which shared the shape with one of the original cheap Logitech ball mice. Popular among gamers who want a lightweight fast mouse, it is suitable for claw and fingertip grip styles.

A small two button mouse including a smooth wheel, the G100s is as popular as its long line of predecessors, garnering an almost cult following in some communities. This iteration of the shape has finally departed the more traditional individual “buttons” in favor of the more popular “top shell into buttons” style that modern mice tend to use. A grippy paint has been applied to the top and a DPI switch rounds out the mouse. Sporting one large rear skate and two smaller front skates.

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Experience the tradition of gaming excellence with the Logitech G100s Gaming Mouse.

Click Away the Competition with The Logitech G100s Gaming Mice is an upgrade over its G1 and G100 predecessors, giving you more advanced features so you can be at your gaming best with any and every video game. Designed for accuracy and precision with its Delta Zero sensor optimizations, get high-accuracy control in every click. It has also been designed to handle the tough gaming conditions of clicks and even more clicks, and feels comfortable to the touch. Unleash the best gamer in you with perfect combination of form and function, durability and comfort and be prepared to out click the competition with the Logitech G100s Gaming mice.

Features of the Logitech G100s Gaming Mouse

Delta zero sensor technology. Fast reflex and precise accuracy is important for winning any video game, and the G100s builds on the legacy of the famous G1 and G100 gaming mice. Logitech G100s offers Delta Zero sensor optimizations which gives you high accuracy cursor control and accurate response while zipping across the screen or honing in on the details.

Ultra-durable build. From long practice sessions all the way to the championship games, gaming clicks can be a torture to a mice, but the G100s gaming mouse is designed to endure. Its mechanical micro switches have been tested and rated to endure 20 million clicks. Click your way through practice and click your way to playing your best game, G100s gaming mice will click you the way to becoming a gaming champion!

Advanced surface materials. Logitech G100s has been designed with the best advanced materials for improved comfort and durability. Tactile zones have been identified where your hand meets the surface, with durable hydrophobic coating to combat heat and moisture, and finger-resistant coating have been added to the heavy contact zones of the primary buttons.

Comfortable, ambidextrous shape. Practice sessions can be long, and championship games can be intense, but the Logitech G100s gaming mouse is designed to be ambidextrous, fits your left or right hand with ease, and whatever your grip style, and very comfortable. It’s shaped to ensure a sure grip with every click and move, so you can concentrate more on what matters in the game.

In game sensitivity switching. The right moves at the right time win games, and you can shift through 3 DPI cursor sensitivity settings with a single button press conveniently located just behind the scroll wheel, giving you precise control over intense gaming moments with the need to leave the gaming battlefield.

2-millisecond report rate. Your thought and action need to join as one, and you can be confident that your every command is executed to video game winning precision. The G100s os four times faster than your ordinary standard USB mouse and will capture and execute your commands and moves as fast as you make them!

Lightweight design. The G100s gaming mouse is light for quick movements, enough heft for accurate and precision placement as well as solid cursor control for the best gaming experience possible.

Slick feet. The G100s polytetrafluoroethylene feet is designed for low friction and reduces drag to give you improved accuracy, smooth cursor movement, and reflex fast motions.

Easy-to-use setup software. Victory favors the prepared mind, and the optional Logitech Gaming Software allows you to perfectly match its functions to your favorite games. Customize your buttons and track profiles with ease with its simple drag and drop settings. It also comes with automatic game detection features, giving you pre-configured customizations.

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