MadCatz RAT7 Gaming Mouse

Drive the opposition mad with your game winning pro-moves with the MadCatz RAT7 Gaming Mouse. Play Like a Pro

Uncompromised Design, Unparalleled Performance, and Unmatched gaming performance can be yours with the MadCatz RAT7 Gaming mouse that helps you play like pro gamers, a combination of high technology and a great selection of features so you can concentrate more in playing your best performance in any video game.

Whether you claw or you palm, the MadCatz RAT7 can be easily adjusted in length to adapt to your grip style and hand size. Its Thumb Panel can move forward, backward, and even pivot outward to give you perfect and precise positioning for effortless and smooth gaming.

FEATURES of the MadCatz RAT7 Gaming Mouse

Interchangeable pinky and palm rests. The RAT7 offers 3 Palm rests: a soft touch finish on the body, a rubber inlay for enhanced and sure grip, and another that is thicker to increase the height of the RAT7. It also offers 3 Pinkie Grips with a wing shape design that allows you to rest your pinkie finger as well as increasing your grip.

Custom weight system. Whether you like it light or heavy, the RAT7 gives you 5 6-gram weights that you can add or subtract with ease so you can get the perfect weight and feel to bring out the best gamer in you.

Precision aim mode. The RAT7 allows you to hit your target every time with the ST Programming software that helps you set the desired mouse sensitivity for Precision Aim, making you score closer to winning any video game!

6400 DPI. Twin sensors that read the axis separately gives you pinpoint accuracy, and gives you game stunning tracking of up to 6 meters per second. When you prefer low sensitivity and high speed movement preferences, you can be assured of getting the tracking and precision you want.

4 custom dpi settings. Shift through your desired DPI settings sensitivity with the Rocker Switch, and get the precision control you want when you need it!

6 programable buttons. – Combined with the standard left and right mouse buttons, you can have a total of 8 buttons to outperform and outclass your competitions! Programmable Buttons allows you to assign and customize your choice of key gaming actions to create your own custom profiles.

3 modes. The RAT7 allows you to toggle between 3 individual R.A.T. modes in a single touch of a button. Changing mouse sensitivity or Customizable Button actions is possible in an instant, and gives you access to 18 commands to conquer your gaming opponents!

Powerful programming software. Create and personalize custom profiles or any game, set and change DPI sensitivity and Precision Aim sensitivity, and assign Programmable Buttons and Modes is fast and easy with the ST Programming Software. Choose your settings, prepare and pave the way to video game victory!

Lightweight Metal Chassis. The RAT7 offers a solid metal frame that is strong and nimble, giving you the solid feel for enhanced rigidity.

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