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Microsoft Gaming Mice

Style and Precision

Microsoft is mostly known as the industry leader for operating systems, and their latest generation of the Windows operating system can be found in most PC systems all over the world. With its graphic user interface, Microsoft also developed their own product line of mouse for users of all levels. Any video gamer starts as an ordinary PC user, and their first mouse most probably may have been a Microsoft mouse. Most gamers have fond and nostalgic memories of the various Microsoft mice as their first mice, and have taken inspiration from its early features, simple design and usability in creating even more advanced and high performance gaming mouse.

Made for the legion of PC users, be they gamers or not, Microsoft continues to design and develop mice for more intuitive and comfortable PC use experience. Their latest product line features the Sculpt mouse series to give users of all level the comfort and control they need for everyday use. Microsoft mice are available in wired or wireless models, available in many colours and designs, and some available in limited editions.