Microsoft WMO 1.1 Wheel Moue Optical

Get precision, accuracy and reliability for ordinary PC use or playing your favorite game with the classic and reliable Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1 Gaming mouse.

Affordable and Reliable Optical Precision

For as long as Microsoft have been the operating choice for PC users, the Microsoft Mouse has been the choice of users around the world, and the Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1 gaming mouse continues the tradition of giving you reliable optical precision for all your computer needs, and the accurate control to play video games of any kind.

Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for any left handed or right handed user or gamer, and comfortable for extended use, game practice, or enjoying your favourite game. With responsive and programmable buttons, the Microsoft WMO gaming mouse brings nostalgia to many long-time gamers, a touch of tradition for new and aspiring gamers in a simple yet functional high performance mouse perfect for any game, and best of all affordable for your budget.

FEATURES of the Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1

Optical Technology. Navigate your documents and spread sheets, scroll through the gaming battlefield with the perfect balance of speed, reliability and accuracy. The Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical Mouse works hard, and works in nearly any surface.

Comfortable In Either Hand. Ambidextrous design fits in any hand orientation, for left handed or right handed gamers.

Scroll Wheel. Navigating through long documents or scrolling through any game situations, changing weapons is fast and easy, and precise too!

Customisable Buttons. Allows you to set programs, media and files at easy reach with just one click with its customizable buttons.

Ergonomic Design. The ergonomic design of the Microsoft Wheel Optical Mouse 1.1 ensures a comfortable and reliable use for long hours without fatigue or strain on your fingers or hand.