Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse

Back to Basic design to get you back on your way to playing video games a notch higher with the RAZER Abyssus Gaming Mouse!

Back to Basic

The Razer Abyssus Gaming mouse harks back to the basics of mouse design, with the basic left click, right click, and scroll wheel design features. But don’t let its simplicity fool you, this is a Razer gaming mouse, and under its back to basic design is a slew of features to let you play your favourite games video games a notch higher.

Form and function combine in the Razer Abyssus gaming mouse, featuring an ergonomic design that fits your hand in comfort, hyper responsive buttons, and a tactile feel that let you know intuitively that your every gaming command is executed. The Razer Abyssus has everything you need to bring the out the gamer in you, with high 3500 DPI sensor giving you precision and accuracy to give you the edge in video gaming over your rivals.

FEATURES of the RAZER Abyssus Gaming Mouse

Highly Tactile Ergonomic Buttons. Click your command, and the rapid fire tactile switches responds to your every in game moves, designed and tested to last a punishing 5 million clicks, from practice all the way to game time. The buttons features ergonomic grooves for your fingertips, giving you the comfort, speed, and durability for any and all gaming situations.

3500dpi Optical Sensor. Optimum sensitivity and superior responsiveness allows to translate your in-game moves as you make them, and the 3500 dpi optical sensor of the Razer Abyssus gaming mouse performs as fast you do!

Heavy Duty Scroll Wheel. Designed and tested to endure hundreds of millions of turns, its perfect not just for scrolling over pages of documents or websites but also for setting your scope, zooming in the gaming battlefield, or throwing that well timed grenade, offering you precision control just like a mouse button.

Hyperesponse Buttons. The Raze Abyssus features OMROM micro switches that is not only responsive to your every click but is also designed and tested to endure the tough test of in game clickings.

Textured Surface Side Grips. Razer Abyssus gaming mouse features rubber textured side grips that gives you a snug fit with every move of the mouse, even under active game control for precise movements during fast swipes and lift-offs, ensuring your mouse stays firmly in place and in your hand all the time.

Razer Synapse. Razer’s very own hardware configuration software allows you to customize your DPI sensitivity settings, key binds, macros, and other in-game commands, and save them to your gaming profiles, as well as provide you with automatic driver and firmware updates. It has cloud support so you can save and access your gaming profiles and game settings in an instant, allowing you to jump straight into the gaming action at the top of your game wherever you may be.

Inter-Device Communication. Get the ultimate game winning combo by pairing two Razer gaming peripherals. Pairing your Razer Abyssus gaming mouse with a Razer gaming keyboard allows you sharing of saved and personalized macros and game commands from your mouse to your keyboard. Be in total control, and decimate your opponents and claim game winning victory!