Razer DeathAdder Original

Razer releases a new breed of high performance gaming house for you to sting away the competition with the Razer DeathAdder!

Click and Sting Your Competition

Coming off the success of the Razer DiamondBack, Razer unleashes another breed of high performance gaming mouse with the Razer DeathAdder. Sleek and ergonomic, the DeathAdder is your weapon of choice for any video game, giving you the precision and accuracy of control, and highly responsive command buttons so you can sting away at the competition.

Ergonomic shape designed for right handed gamers, enjoy extended long gaming sessions free from strain and fatigue. Get high precision DPI sensitivity and the ability to change settings without leaving your game, highly responsive buttons that react to your commands as fast as you make them, go forward in any game and sting your opposition with precision and accuracy with the Razer DeathAdder.