Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

Get your every gaming move right with the Razer Imperator Ergonomic Gaming Mouse.

The Right Gaming Moves Every Time

Making all the right moves in any video game is possible with the Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse. Designed for the legions of right handed gamers, its ergonomic shape design is not just a beauty to behold but even feels great in your hand, giving you the gamer mouse you need to play in your best gaming performance and claim victory.

The Razer Imperator features a wide range of features beyond its design, boasting a high precision 4G dual sensors to make any surface adapt to you, with high responsive buttons, in game DPI sensitivity settings, and a whole lot of other features to help you be the best gamer, in any game, anywhere and anytime!

FEATURES of the RAZER Imperator Gaming Mouse

Ergonomic Right-Handed Form Factor. You get all your gaming moves right and perfect with the Razer Imperator right-handed ergonomic design that feels comfortable to the touch, allowing you to play for an extended period of time so you can outfrag and outlast the competition.

4G Dual Sensor System. Gaming precision has never been better, and the Razer Imperator features not just 6400 DPI precision, but also offers a 4G Dual sensor system of an optical and laser sensor to help you calibrate your mouse accurately in any gaming surface for accurate tracking. Make your moves in game, and the Razer Imperator responds with your video game play style. The Razer Imperator also features adjustable lift off tracking distance to give you game winning precision and accuracy more than ever, and all the time!

Hyperesponse Buttons. The Razer Imperator features OMROM micro switches that is not only responsive to your every click but is also designed and tested to endure the tough test of in game clickings.

On-The-Fly Dpi Sensitivity Tuning. Switch through different USB polling speeds, sensor DPI settings, and LOD levels without the need to leave the gaming battlefield, giving you the choice for precision and accuracy when you need it for maximized kill rate and winning gameplay!

Rubberized Contoured Thumb Grip. Get maximum control with the contoured thumb grip of the Razer Imperator gaming mouse, so you can make all your game winning moves. Low sensitivity gamers will find it easier to lift and swipe away any competition to claim victory!

Razer Synapse 2.0 Enabled. From making sure your Razer Imperator is always at its top performance with driver and firmware updates, personalize, customize and save various mouse setting, key binds and in-game macros, to instant access to your game profiles when you need them, the Razer Synapse 2.0 software ensures you are battle ready for any video game without lifting a finger.