Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse

Be at the top of your video game performance, wired or wireless with RAZER Mamba Gaming Mouse!

Free to Frag with cordless

Get the freedom to Frag your competition and claim victory with the Razer Mamba Gaming mouse. Whether you prefer to play wired or wireless, the Razer Mamba will keep you connected to your game, allow you to command and conquer the competition.

Customize as you want it, get lightning fast response, precision and accuracy guaranteed with its dual sensor system, with the ergonomic design that fits perfect in your hand for maximum comfort even under the most intense gaming moments, click, swipe and scroll your way to victory with the Razer Mamba Wired / Wireless Ergonomic Gaming Mouse.

FEATURES of the RAZER Mamba Gaming Mouse

Dual Gaming-Grade Wired/Wireless Technology. Enjoy the freedom of playing your favourite video game without the hassles of wires. Razer is the pioneer and leader in wireless gaming mouse technology, and with the Razer Mamba’s 1ms response rate, you can be assured that your every move is executed as fast as you make them! The Razer Mamba battery life is a gruelling 16 hours, and when it depletes you can always plug it in while gaming for zero downtime. When not in use, you can safely store and charge the Razer Mamba on its charging dock that also serves as its wireless receiver.

4G Dual Sensor System. Gaming precision has never been better, and the Razer Mamba features not just 6400 DPI precision, but also offers a 4G Dual sensor system of an optical and laser sensor to help you calibrate your mouse accurately in any gaming surface for accurate tracking. Make your moves in game, and the Razer Imperator responds with your video game play style. The Razer Imperator also features adjustable lift off tracking distance to give you game winning precision and accuracy more than ever and all the time!

Comfortable Gaming Experience. The Razer Mamba’s ergonomic design is an eye candy, subtle yet seductive. It not only looks good, but it feels so much better. First touch contact of your palm and fingertips with the Razer Mamba and you know you hold in your hand one potent weapon in any video gaming battlefield, giving you the shape and comfort perfect for long hours of playing your video games without muscle strain or fatigue.

Heavy Duty Scroll Wheel. Designed and tested to endure hundreds of millions of turns, its perfect not just for scrolling but also for setting your scope, zooming in the gaming battlefield, or throwing that well timed grenade, precision control just like a mouse button.

Hyperesponse Buttons. The Raze Mamba features OMROM micro switches that is not only responsive to your every click but is also designed and tested to endure the tough test of in game clickings.

Lift-Off Tracking. In-game lifting by low-sensitivity gamers may experience cursor jitters on screen as the mouse to surface tracking continues, and this could mean the difference between defeat and victory. But with the Razer Mamba, you can customize the preferred height at which tracking is cut whenever you lift the mouse once you have calibrated the sensor to make any surface adapt to you, making sure your aim is always where you want it.

Razer Synapse 2.0 Enabled. Customize and personalize your gaming mouse settings, from X and Y axis sensitivity, surface calibration, lift off tracking, and inter device communication. You can also save and synch your custom profile settings through Razer’s cloud-based system, allowing you to have access to your settings from anywhere.

Surface Calibration. The Razer Synapse 2.0 also allows you to calibrate your Razer Mamba gaming mouse to perform at its best in any gaming pad surface, allowing you the flexibility and convenience to make any gaming conditions adapt to you, for accurate and quick battlefield gaming response.

Inter-Device Communication. Get the ultimate game winning combo by pairing two Razer gaming peripherals. Pairing your Razer Mamba gaming mouse with a Razer gaming keyboard allows you sharing of saved and personalized macros and game commands from your mouse to your keyboard. Be in total control, and decimate your opponents and claim game winning victory!

Unlimited Profiles and Mouse Configurations. Because every gamer is different, and you have your own preferred mouse settings that help you play at your best. With the Razer Synapse 2.0 software, you are no longer limited by the onboard mice memory to save and access your settings thanks to the cloud-based features of Razer Synapse 2.0. Create unlimited gaming profiles and mouse settings as you need, and access them all wherever you may be in an instant!

Charging Dock. 16 Hours battery lifetime ensures your Razer Mamba can keep up with you for the long hours of practice gaming sessions. Keep it charged up with the dual charging dock and wireless receiver for more wireless hours of gaming fun and video game excellence.