Razer Salmosa Asian Edition Gaming Mouse

Based on the power and performance of the Razer Salmosa gaming mouse is a new version specially designed for Asian gamers!

Perfect Asian Gaming Weapon

In the gaming battlefield, your mouse is your weapon, and it should be designed with the gamer in mind. Asian gamers may have smaller hands than their Western counterparts, but with the same desire and skill to play games better and win more, and Razer understands the need for the perfect mouse fit for Asian Gamers and brings you the Razer Salmosa Asian Edition Gaming mouse.

The Razer Salmosa Asian Edition gaming mouse takes its game-winning DNA from the original Salmosa, with a few design changes to make it the perfect gaming battlefield weapon for Asian gamers. Smaller in size, and lighter, with design inputs from top Asian gamer XiaoFeng “Sky” Li of team World Elite for Warcraft III, the Razer Salmosa Asian Edition ambidextrous gaming mouse is the perfect entry level mouse for gamers across Asia to get the high performance gaming tools to showcase their gaming skills and talents.

Features of the Razer Salmosa Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Asian Edition

1800dpi Razer Precision™ 3G Infrared Sensor. Get the precision and accuracy you need for any gaming scenario.

Mechanical Dpi Switch. Even without using any software, get the flexibility and quick DPI sensitivity settings to adapt to any in-game situation right when you need it.

Always-On™ Mode. Ensures your mouse is always ready to take and execute any game command you give.

Ultra-Large Buttons. Never miss that game winning click with large buttons at your command.

16-Bit Ultra-Wide Data Path. For lightning-fast execution of all your fast commands.

Up to 120 inches per second and 15g of acceleration. Move as you will, and the Razer Salmosa gaming mouse will move as fast as you.

Three Hyperesponse™ Buttons. Command and the Razer Salmosa obeys, so you can start racking those kills to claim the win in any video game.

Ambidextrous Design. Left handed or right handed, palm or claw grip, enjoy long hours of comfortable free from muscle strain and fatigue.

Scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions. Precision steps for all your precision in-game moves.

Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ mouse feet. Slide and glide across any gaming battlefield smooth and without any distractions.

Seven-foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord.

Approximate size: 95.9mm (length) x 54.4mm (width) x 33.3mm (height)