Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse for top gamers inspired by top gamers, the Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse will bring out the best gamer in you.

Pro Gamers Choice

The Razer Taipan ambidextrous ergonomic gaming mouse was made after long collaboration and research with pro gamers to give you the best features possible in a gaming mouse. Made for gamers by top gamers, experience a gaming performance unlike no other with the Razer Taipan as your weapon of choice in any gaming battlefield.

From its no nonsense simple shape and design, comfortable and sure grip in your left or right hand, to its various features designed to endure punishing click after click and tested to deliver fast precision performance for any video game, be at your best gaming level with the Razer Taipan.

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FEATURES of the Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse

Improved ambidextrous ergonomics. Designed for gamers, the Razer Taipan’s design was made possible from the extensive feedback given by professional gamers for a gaming mouse fit for left or right handed players who prefer claw, palm, or fingertip grip. The Razer Taipan will stay firmly in your hand as you make your moves, and stay comfortable even for extended gaming periods.

8200dpi 4G laser sensor. The Razer Taipan not only has the most advanced sensor with its 8200 DPI setting, but it is also configurable as it allows you to make any gaming surface adapt to your gaming play style. It also gives you the power to play at your best game with the adjustable cut off to lift off tracking. The Razer Taipan gaming mouse also features dual sensor system, giving you precision and accuracy to match your reflexes!

Side buttons for more ways to kill. Side buttons have been added to both sides of the Razer Taipan and is programmable to execute any game command, key bind, skill, or in-game macro for you to play your fast and expert gaming moves and stay ahead of the competition.

Razer Synapse 2.0 Enabled. Customize and personalize your gaming mouse settings, from X and Y axis sensitivity, surface calibration, lift off tracking, and inter device communication. You can also save and synch your custom profile settings through Razer’s cloud-based system, allowing you to have access to your settings from anywhere.

The Pro-Gamer’s Choice. Razer Taipan is the result of collaboration and research with pro gamers to give you the best gaming mouse. From its simple design, to the symmetry of its ambidextrous shape for left or right handed gamers who have varying hand length and grip styles, and to its balance that any gamer will find just perfect for any game, click away the competition with the Razer Taipan!

ARM 32-bit processor. The on-board processor inside the Razer Taipan works as hard as you, making fast computations alongside your fast in-game moves so you are always at the top of your game, making sure every move you make is executed as fast as you make them.

Heavy Duty Scroll Wheel. Designed and tested to endure hundreds of millions of turns, its perfect not just for scrolling but also for setting your scope, zooming in the gaming battlefield, or throwing that well timed grenade, precision control just like a mouse button.

Hyperesponse Buttons. The Razer Taipan features OMROM micro switches that is not only responsive to your every click but is also designed and tested to endure the tough test of in game clickings.

Lift-Off Tracking. In-game lifting by low-sensitivity gamers may experience cursor jitters on screen as the mouse to surface tracking continues, and this could mean the difference between defeat and victory. But with the Razer Taipan, you can customize the preferred height at which tracking is cut whenever you lift the mouse once you have calibrated the sensor to make any surface adapt to you, making sure your aim is always where you want it.

Surface Calibration. The Razer Synapse 2.0 also allows you to calibrate your Razer Taipan gaming mouse to perform at its best in any gaming pad surface, allowing you the flexibility and convenience to make any gaming conditions adapt to you, for accurate and quick battlefield gaming response.

Inter-Device Communication. Get the ultimate game winning combo by pairing two Razer gaming peripherals. Pairing your Razer Taipan gaming mouse with a Razer gaming keyboard allows you sharing of saved and personalized macros and game commands from your mouse to your keyboard. Be in total control, and decimate your opponents and claim game winning victory!

Unlimited Profiles and Mouse Configurations. Because every gamer is different, and you have your own preferred mouse settings that help you play at your best. With the Razer Synapse 2.0 software, you are no longer limited by the onboard mice memory to save and access your settings thanks to the cloud-based features of Razer Synapse 2.0. Create unlimited gaming profiles and mouse settings as you need, and access them all wherever you may be in an instant!