Roccat Kone Pure Gaming Mouse

Outlast and Outplay the competition as easy as 1,2,3 with the Roccat Kone Lua Tri-button Gaming Mouse!

Remastered for the Future with the Lua

The Roccat Kone Lua Gaming mouse is homage to the standard 3 button mouse that many gamers all over the world carried with them to the gaming battlefield. A three button mouse may seem simple for today’s video games, but this is Roccat Kone Lua, and under its hood they packed a lot of advanced features to get you into your top game in full control, total comfort, and gaming style.

The Roccat Kone Lua features a fully customizable Pro-Optic sensor, ambidextrous design perfect for any left handed or right handed gamer, no-sweat side grips for maximum control, and a soft surface that melds comfortably in your hand, get precision and accuracy to play games better, faster, and more enjoyable, only with the Roccat Kone Lua Tri-button gamer’s mouse.

Features of the Roccat Kone Lua Gaming Mouse

Command with Precision. Roccat Kone Lua offers you seven DPI settings with its R2 Pro Optic sensor so you can choose the perfect mouse sensitivity setting for any game to match your gaming style.

Switch Speeds with Ease. Switch DPI settings on the fly without leaving the game, allowing you to adjust your weapon of choice to any gaming scenario. The Lua also allows you to program the button to switch between DPI settings you use the most, giving you precision control for game winning moves!

Play In Max Comfort. Enjoy long hours of comfortable gaming without strain and fatigue in your hand with its perfectly balanced and V-shaped ambidextrous design, perfect for right handed or left handed gamers. The Kone Lua also features No-sweat side grips that give you unrivalled grip and a steady hold even under fast paced gaming action.

Never Miss A Wheel Command. The Kone Lua 2D scroll wheel offers you precision control and incremental steps that lock securely, allowing you to switch to the weapons you want and need. It also offers a tactile and solid feedback, letting you know every command is executed as fast as you make them for a more accurate, precise, and enjoyable gaming.

Soak Up The Atmosphere. Get into the gaming mood even before the first click by showing your true colors with the Kone Lua, and its “breathing” light effects let you know your Kone Lua is armed and ready to help you rule any gaming battlefield.

Game Awesome / Game Hard. The Roccat Kone Lua gaming mouse is made from high quality materials, designed and tested to endure even the most demanding of gaming use, from its advanced electronics, world class Omron switches, fast cutting edge encoder, PTFE base for low friction and fast swipes, the Kone Lua gamer mousewill give you the gaming edge to outlast and dominate the opposition. Game hard and game fast, the Kone Lua will always be ready for any video fight!

Customize Your Lua. The Kone Lua comes with the ROCCAT™ Driver software, which allows you to customize and personalize your mouse buttons, with a simple to use interface that makes tweaking your favourite settings fun easy and fun!