Zowie EC1 Gaming Mouse

An ergonomic right handed mouse so you can start making all the right moves in any video game and claim victory with the Zowie EC1 gaming mouse!

Easy and Precision GamingThe Zowie EC1 gaming mouse is an ergonomically designed right handed mice that offers any gamer various options in terms of functionality, the stability to make precise and accurate game movements, and the performance to match and upgrade your gaming skills for any gaming battlefield. It is a plug and play gaming mouse right out of the box so you can get into the gaming action in an instant.

It offers a wide variety of features a gamer of any level can count on to give you a faster, better and more enjoyable gaming experience. Zowie strives for perfection, and the Zowie EC1 gaming mouse is a proven weapon in any gaming battlefield. Plug and Play, and start racking the kills and the wins to outlast your competition!

FEATURES of the Zowie EC1 Gaming Mouse

Ergonomic Design. Built for right handed gamers, for claw or palm grip players, the ergonomic design of the Zowie EC1 gaming mouse fits your palm like an extension of your hand, giving you increased comfort for long and extended gaming sessions, be it for practice or intense gaming action free from strain and fatigue.

1.5 Mm Lift-Off Distance. The Zowie EC1 gaming mouse offers one of the lowest lift off distance, at a mere 1.5mm, for optimal gaming controls you need to claim victory in any game.

1,000Hz USB Report Rate. Other gaming optical mouse has a standard setting of 125hz, and it can be configured to operate at 500 Hz to 1000Hz. With the Zowie EC1 gaming mouse, you can plug and play it at full 1000 Hz right out of the box without the use to install any drivers, and you can change it to 125 Hz or 500 Hz with the mouse on your hand.

Improved mouse wheel. The Zowie EC1 mouse features an optical encoder that works better than traditional mechanical system. It also has a new and optimized rolling system that ensures a precise and durable mouse wheel.

DPI-adjustment. You can adjust the DPI setting on the fly without leaving your game, giving you the tactical advantage to adapt to ever changing game scenarios. Lower the DPI setting as you scope the competition from far away, get the head-hot lock then snipe away for victory.