Zowie FK Gaming Mouse

For right or left handed gamers, the Zowie FK gaming mouse offers you precision and accuracy for your favorite video games.

Play Video Games Tight and Right

The Zowie FK ambidextrous gaming mouse is similar to the Zowie AM mouse in terms of specs and features, perfect for any left handed or right handed gamer who prefer a claw grip while playing video games. But the FK gamer mouse offers overall design adjustments to make it lighter, faster, and more comfortable for gamers than the Zowie AM with its lower height.

The Zowie FK gaming mouse also features a new coating that is smooth to the touch and feels like fine rubber paint, giving gamers optimum grip especially for sweaty hands, more resistance to wearing out from long gaming sessions, and easy to clean.

Players with smaller than average hands who prefer the palm grip style of gaming will also find the Zowie FK perfect for any video gaming experience.

FEATURES of the Zowie FK Gaming Mouse

Ambidextrous Mouse. Developed not just for claw grip gamers but also for those who prefer palm-grip control, its ambidextrous design makes it a good choice for right handed or left handed gamers.

Thumb Buttons. The Zowie FK offers thumb buttons for each side for optimal game control on any gaming battlefield.

Easy Functionality. You can switch to left hand or right hand use straight out of the box with the need for additional drivers to be installed, so you can get into top gaming performance fast and easy.

New Coating. The Zowie FK gamer mouse comes with a new and improved, and its rubber like feel gives you a sure and optimized grip for fast in-game action, increased durability and easy cleaning.

DPI Adjustment. Shift through 3 DPI settings of 450 / 1150 / 2300 for the perfect setting to match any game, scenario, and your gaming play style.

USB Report Rate. Adjust the USB report rate from three different settings of 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz for optimal settings to let you win more!

24-Step Scroll Wheel. Scroll faster with the new and enhanced 24-step scroll wheel of the Zowie FK gaming mouse, similar to the Zowie EVO series.

Low LOD. Using custom-designed Zowie lens gives the FK gaming mouse a low lift-off distance between 1.5 to 1.8mm for precision and accurate gaming.