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Zowie Gaming Mice

Strive for Perfection

Founded in 2008, ZOWIE GEAR is a manufacturer of innovative competitive gaming gear. Their mission is to develop and provide gamers with the best competitive gaming gear to players of all levels.

Composed of free-minded, experienced, passionate and creative individuals, the Zowie Gear team is united in their passion for gaming, in pushing the boundaries of gaming controllers without compromise, all for the love of video gaming.

Zowie Gear offers gamers of all levels a gaming mouse to suit their playing style with the FK, FK1, AM, EC, EVO, and Mico gaming mice line-up. They also have gaming surface products with the CM, TF Speed, and TF Rough gaming pads, Celeritas gamer’s keyboard, and audio headsets with the Hammer and Mashu, and cable management accessories with the Camade.

Zowie Gear aims to continue giving gamers the best gaming accessories possible so you can play faster, better, and enjoy a more satisfying gaming experience, because Zowie believe that it’s not just a game, but a way of enjoying life more for any game, and any gamer.